Sunday, May 24, 2015

Quit Smoking Resources

Looking for a support group?

Howard Brown Health Center:

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Bitch to Quit groups now forming. Contact us at
773-388-8682 or 

American Lung Association Freedom from Smoking Clinics

Would you like to get help or counseling over the phone?

Illinois Tobacco Quit Line:
1-866-QUIT-YES (784-8937)

Carol Southard, RN – Smoking Cessation Specialist:

Would you like online/internet  help?  (ALA Freedom from Smoking on-line) (National LGBT Tobacco Control Network)  (State of Illinois Tobacco Free Communities) (promotional but helpful website made by Pfizer drug company) (American Cancer Society) (American Heart Association) (Center for Disease Control)

Youth Sites:

Would you like to run an LGBTQ smoking cessation group in your area?

Howard Brown Health Center, National LGBT Tobacco Control Network, and the Fenway Institute release report: How to Run a Culturally Competent LGBT Smoking Treatment Group

smokingCover.jpgIn 2005, an ambitious three-year multi-site research project exploring lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) smoking treatment was nearing its end. The project staff had lived through many challenges and successes throughout the course of the project, and as the final reports were being written, an idea emerged: Why not create a single document to summarize all the lessons learned about LGBT tobacco treatment groups? This document is the result of this idea, and is intended to be used by all. Please feel free to take pieces of this document that help you and to put out new information that builds upon the lessons here. For more information about this document, please contact Scout at 401-263-5092. Click here to download the pdf.