Thursday, August 27, 2015

Quit Smoking Resources

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Enrollment for Bitch to Quit has now closed. If you are currently enrolled in Bitch to Quit and have any following questions, call 773-388-8682 or e-mail

Looking for a support group?

American Lung Association Freedom from Smoking Clinics

Would you like to get help or counseling over the phone?

Illinois Tobacco Quit Line:
1-866-QUIT-YES (784-8937)

Carol Southard, RN – Smoking Cessation Specialist:

Would you like online/internet help?  (ALA Freedom from Smoking on-line) (National LGBT Tobacco Control Network)  (State of Illinois Tobacco Free Communities) (promotional but helpful website made by Pfizer drug company) (American Cancer Society) (American Heart Association) (Center for Disease Control)

Youth Sites: